Unique writing workshops

We work with leading organisations who invest heavily and work hard to create a distinctive set of brand values, vision, mission and culture. When you’ve put that much into developing your brand, it makes sense to develop your people to the same standard. Not send them on a bog-standard writing workshop!

It’s a competitive world and you need to stand out.

Bespoke to your brand

Ideal Wordcraft designs and delivers unique workshops:

  • bespoke to your brand
  • to meet your business objectives
  • based on your tone of voice
  • using your own comms materials.

We deliver to your timescale: two hours, half a day or a full day. In your workplace. To save you and your team spending too much time away from your day jobs.

What’s more, we understand that everyone has different needs, learning styles and personal preferences. We uncover these and adapt our content and delivery accordingly.

Mark brand

Our distinctive double act

Our workshops are fast-paced and full-on. Nothing unusual about that. What’s different about Ideal Wordcraft is that we run our workshops with a pair of trainers: Debbie and Mark Griffiths.

It works. Not least because we have very different personalities and individual strengths and styles. With a partnership that spans decades, we complement each other with ease and naturally appeal to different delegates. Between us, we get everyone on board and no-one gets bored. Your team gets double the value from the ideal duo.

Two for the price of one
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