Welcome to Ideal Wordcraft

In-house communications teams today are expected to be as capable of writing for your brand as external professionals. Fair enough, but that doesn’t always come naturally. Sometimes you need an expert’s helping hand. And mind. And experience.

If you’re looking to help your communications colleagues perform at their peak, you’ve come to the right people. Ideal Wordcraft is a boutique consultancy that upskills and empowers writers in communications teams to achieve your personal best and become the stand-out communicators your business needs you to be.

We're like tennis supercoaches

Champion communicators

We are Debbie and Mark Griffiths. Business writing coaches, trainers and mentors. With an extensive track record in writing for superbrands, we blend our wordsmithing expertise with coaching and training know-how and experience.

We’re like tennis supercoaches, only for business writers:

  • We’ve worked in and with teams like yours
  • We understand first-hand what it’s like in comms roles
  • We’ve put in the hard graft and got to the top
  • We’ve made mistakes and never stopped learning
  • We’re uniquely qualified to help you become a wordcraft champion.

Mind the gap

We know that when it comes to the crunch, communication isn’t just about writing skills. It’s all about mindset.

Good writing depends on good thinking – knowledge and confidence, appreciation of audience and good working relationships with project managers, designers and partners.

We also know that no two businesses are the same. Whether you want immediate results or long-term self-sufficiency, our support is individual to you and bespoke to your brand. With one thing in common: taking your people to the next level.

Be the best

Working with Ideal Wordcraft, your writers will become:

  • the best communicators in the business
  • excellent at working with designers and other colleagues
  • second-to-none at understanding the relationship between words and visuals
  • true exponents of the communications journey
  • a team that never needs to outsource writing to creative agencies.

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