About Ideal Wordcraft

We are Debbie and Mark Griffiths. Business writing supercoaches. A powerful and successful combination of comms expertise plus L&D passion. Two individuals. And a distinctive double act.

Co-founders of Ideal Wordcraft. And Ideal Worldsmiths. And Ideal Word Limited.

A long pedigree

We’ve been in business together since 2004. We’ve been working together since 1992. We’ve been together since 1994. Doubles partners in business and life.

Mark started out at The Guardian newspaper, while Debbie was teaching English overseas. We met and worked at The Body Shop HQ, before Debbie set up her own CSR consultancy and Mark went to work at Interbrand in London.

We set up Ideal Word Limited in 2004. The Ideal base came from our passion for responsible, sustainable business. The Word part expresses our love of language and way with words.


Learning and developing

We believe in the power of words to change worlds. And, over the years, we’ve adapted our name and business offer as we’ve changed and developed ourselves.

For a time, we were Ideal Consulting. Then, we rebranded as Ideal Worldsmiths, specialising in communications for sustainable brands. Today, we recognise that a truly sustainable business model for us is to upskill communicators to meet their own needs.

The journey continues: from the people who write for your business, to the people who co-create with you and coach you to achieve your personal and team best. So that your in-house communicators can write confidently and competently for your brand. And you never need to outsource again.

Raising our game

To build on our teaching, training, coaching and mentoring knowledge, experience and qualifications, we’ve launched Ideal Wordcraft as a new brand that shares Ideal’s ethical approach and values:

  • idealism: believing in better
  • collaboration: better together
  • learning: wanting to be better
  • confidence: feeling better
  • success: getting better
  • sustainability: better for all and forever.

People like us

Language is a dynamic, living, breathing entity that constantly shifts with and shapes (organisational) culture. As communications are consumed by people, they are best created, crafted and coached by people who love words and language. People like us.

When choosing your offline communications coaching partner, it’s essential that the chemistry is right. You’ll only know that when we meet. But in the meantime, here’s a bit more insight into us.

Debbie Griffiths

Debbie Griffiths

“I’ve always loved languages and wordplay. When I was 10, I started a school essay about Paddington and ended up writing a book! In my teens, I enjoyed and – therefore – excelled at French and German. Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in Germany, France and Japan taught me about the power of passion as well as precision in communicating. After a quarter of a century writing for business, I feel that I’m once again fulfilling my vocation – sharing my love of language and words with coachees, trainees and mentees.”


Mark Griffiths

“My attraction to words began with nursery rhymes and continued with Dr Seuss. I’ve always stood by his quote: ‘Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.’ This love affair with words developed through studying French, German and Russian in my youth and Italian and Welsh in my mature years. I’m finally settling on inspiring others to transform workplace English into emotive business language before the robots take over.”

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