Ideal clients

The list of leading brands and businesses that we’ve written for over the years is longer than your arm. The roll call of clients benefitting from our coaching for communicators is developing nicely, too. We’re proud to count Arup, Aston Business School, E.ON, the IET and M&S among them.

What people say

Here are some of the things clients have said about us. To maintain confidentiality, we’re keeping stum on who said what exactly.

“You've definitely left me with a clear understanding of what more I can do to reach, and engage, my audience.”

“The course was great, it was engaging, interesting and really opened my eyes to the way I can communicate with my stakeholders.”

“So much more useful and thought-provoking as bespoke to us. Day went so quickly.”

“Good to have an outside perspective looking in. Exercises and tips were good. And good ideas to help us work more effectively.”

“By having all of our team attending the workshop, I’m hoping we’ll all be on board and consistent.”

“A very useful refresher to remind me I’ve developed bad habits I need to lose.”

“It really upped my confidence and some of the themes were really insightful.”

Re-engaging with writing is something we don’t do enough of. This workshop was very refreshing.”

“Great, fun, relaxed session that covered everything in good detail.”

“Great pace and interaction.”

“Knew their stuff.”

“Really enjoyed it. Good energy and useful tips. Will definitely use what I learned in my writing.”

“Liked how the session flowed to suit the audience.”

“Quite a bit of crossover with my recent course but good to look specifically at our content and how we benchmark with others.”

“It’s helped me understand I can be formal but not ‘stuffy’ and too corporate. Our readers are people, too.”

“I really enjoyed it and have come away with lots of new ideas. I thought Debbie and Mark were really good at keeping the session lively, enjoyable and pitched at the right level for the group.”

Excellent facilitation and presentation with handy, bite-sized nuggets of information and guidance.”