Ideal CRAFT model

The Ideal Wordcraft CRAFT model is a simple tool to keep us on our toes and help us build the right solution for you.

It combines step-by-step logic with in-built flexibility so we can move back and forth as required.

step-by-step logic

1. Consult & commit

We start with the end in sight. You tell us what you want to achieve. We ask the right questions and listen actively to what you and your team say.

When we’ve got a better understanding of each other and established the scope, it’s time to set some ground rules for working together.

2. Review & recommend

Next, we review your current communications and approach. It’s easy for supercoaches to pinpoint a problem and diagnose your missing magic.

We’ll then recommend ways to act and transform your written communications.

3. Adapt & act

We build flexible, tailored training and coaching programmes. We adapt what we do to meet your specific needs, and budget.

We take your current communications and use them to design bespoke materials and engaging exercises. We deliver our coaching and training at a place, pace and time that work for you.

4. Follow on & up

We continue our flexible, tailored approach with various follow-on options to maintain your motivation; help you develop your wordcraft and move on up to the next level.

5. Track & transform

Last but not least, we’ll evaluate and analyse individual and team performance, to show you where you’ve improved and what you still need to work on.

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