Diagnosing your missing magic

From working in and with all kinds of communications teams for nearly 30 years, we can easily identify and help overcome the problems facing fellow communicators.

In an ideal world, you’d know exactly what your communications issues were. More likely, you won’t know quite what the problem is. Or how to put it into words. That’s fine. By us.

Ideal Wordcraft works with communications teams and individuals in all manner of roles in leading organisations. We’re here to help you identify, address and solve your comms concerns, focusing on issues from wordy waffle to corporate jargon and flabby structure to mixed-up messaging.

It's in our name

Diagnosing communications issues is a craft. One that we’ve honed over decades. And distilled into our CRAFT model.

It starts with a c-word: consulting. A term that simply means a two-way conversation between you and us. Your job is to tell us what outcomes you want/need to achieve. Ours is to ask the right questions and listen actively.

We will:

  • set out the scope and ground rules for working together
  • talk to your team members to understand their perspective
  • review your current communications output
  • diagnose your missing magic as a critical friend
  • recommend a plan of action to get you towards your goal.
It's in our name

Taking decisive action

Once we know what you want and where you are now, we develop a programme of activity with you. Designed using your organisation’s comms materials. Around your busy schedule. With effective follow-up.

Want your team to be wordcrafty?
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