Effective facilitation

It’s Discovery Day. At last, you and your team get the chance to bring all your best thinking together in one place very quickly. Facilitated and prompted by a supercoach, who will help you see things differently and find a way forward.

It doesn’t have to be a whole day, or even half a day. We might decide we’re going to crack it in two hours. But one thing’s for sure. This will be Discovery Day.

Too close, but not close enough

You’ve been at it for ages. Circling the situation. Unable to see the structure for the stanchions. Infuriatingly close. Yet not nearly close enough.

In an Ideal Wordcraft Discovery Day session, you’ll finally get it. The team will start understanding the journey, the whole point of doing what you’re trying to do together.

There’ll be eureka moments, lights coming on and, we’d expect, a considerable amount of relief. Now you’ve got it.

Getting it done

Now you get it, you’ll want to get to it. Hold it in your hands. Start playing with it.

So, a Discovery Day is about motivating your team. There’ll be a plan. You’ll see your colleagues stepping forward, wanting to make this happen, bring it to life. Discovery Day is the first day of your real journey of getting on with it.

An Ideal Wordcraft Discovery Day is ideal for your team, if you:

  • need to bring together your best thinking
  • get to the heart of a pressing communications issue
  • plan your way forward from a sound base
  • pattern your ideas and identify a path
  • want to bring order out of chaos.

Discovery Day

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