Umpteen ways to upskill

What’s the best way to upskill a communicator? Well, it depends. On lots of things.

For instance: where you’re starting from, what your business needs you to do, how much it’s prepared to invest in you, how far you want to go, how much you’re prepared to do. What you need to learn. How you like to learn. Where and when.

Then there’s the choice between internal and external support. Face-to-face and online training. Open courses or in-company workshops. Individual improvement and team training. Directive and non-directive coaching. Formal or social learning. Human touch or artificial intelligence (AI).

Tailored to you

At Ideal Wordcraft, we specialise in coaching and training that is:

  • bespoke to your brand
  • tailored to your team needs
  • personalised for individuals.

We blend our experience and expertise in business writing with best-practice coaching and training techniques. You get a business writing supercoach: a master of our trade who knows how to bring out the best in our peers.

As individual as you are

We’ve developed our own coaching and training CRAFT model to guide us. But knowing that one size doesn’t fit all, we’ve a toolkit packed with alternatives. Once we get to know each other, we’ll choose the right tools for your job.

Popular approaches