Achieving your personal best

For some communications professionals, wordsmithing comes naturally. For most, there’s often something missing. Something to work on.

But can you put your finger on it?

Getting to the root of your problem

Communicators are expected to perform with words, but where does their knowledge and practice come from? Mostly from what was learned in school or college. Yet, what modern-day business requires is a million miles away from what it takes to please a teacher or tutor.

So, we get dull documents that do not engage. Failure to engage demotivates communicators.

Conversely, over-zealous promises and calls to action can cause disappointment and a drop in trust, denting reputations.

What comms professionals need

A good communicator needs the right balance of three important elements:


Knowledge plus skills equals capability. But capability without confidence is a problem. As is confidence without capability.

If you’re not writing as well as expected, there’s a gap somewhere.

Cross that gap and the path to achieving your personal best opens up in front of you.


Working 1-2-1

People write better when they’re motivated. And while we understand that 1-2-1 coaching isn’t for everyone, it is hugely motivating for many individuals. They see it as a signal that their organisation values them. And invests in them to be their best.

Our individual coaching is ideal for communicators who:

  • need additional support to write on brand
  • are new to the business/team and need to get up to speed
  • are suitable for taking to the next level of their career.

Who'd benefit from comms coaching in your team?
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