Tone of voice masterclasses

An Ideal Wordcraft masterclass is an ideal way of boosting the confidence of communications managers or bringing new colleagues up to speed with the rest of the team.

We take your existing comms collateral and tone of voice (TOV) guidelines and show you powerful ways to bring your brand to life on the page.

Manager’s masterclass

As a line manager in a comms department, you’re likely to be a brilliant all-rounder, but not necessarily an expert in business writing. You’re great at championing the brand guidelines and can tell good writing from bad. But can you explain the nuances of TOV to newcomers or your team?

At Ideal Wordcraft, we’ve lived and breathed TOV and brand writing for decades. We’ve worked with stacks of people in your position. You can relax - we’re on your side and on the same page.

Before we work with your team, we recommend a mini masterclass to:

  • refresh you on the finer points of your guidelines
  • discuss what’s on brand and what’s not
  • prepare you for questions your team might ask
  • boost your confidence as a brand language guardian.

After we’ve worked with you and your team, we can also coach or train you to train people yourself.

Fast-tracking new team members

If you have a new starter, or two, they’ll need TOV training as part of their onboarding. While a workshop works fine for groups between four and 10, a mini masterclass is your better starting point here.

We can cover the same ground in half the time using real materials the new team member(s) will be working with.

Wise up to your own voice
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