Voluntary mentoring

In the UK, workplace mentoring tends to take place internally. Or via external schemes set up by a professional organisation.

Debbie and Mark Griffiths are both volunteer mentors on Aston University’s Professional Mentoring Scheme, helping undergraduates prepare for their placement year.

Debbie is also a voluntary mentor for the Institute of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (ICRS), where she shares her extensive knowledge of CSR and sustainability.


Mentoring for communicators

We may not work in your organisation, but we know what it’s like to work as a professional wordsmith.

As part of Ideal Wordcraft’s commitment to CSR, we offer a free half hour lunch and learn mentoring session for communicators with a question about business writing.

Here’s how it works:

  • drop us a line to request a #FridayFreebie lunchtime slot
  • call us at the agreed time
  • talk, listen and learn.

Email us at: mentoring@idealwordcraft.co.uk