The best in the business

Have your colleagues stopped dreaming of being the great communications team they could be? If only…

What's happened?

You’re looking at your team. It lacks the drive it used to have. The magic’s missing. How can you get it back?

Continuing professional development (CPD). Personal professional development. Call it what you will, we all need it. What’s on your team's plan?

The business you’re in may not be geared to the kind of development that your communications colleagues could really benefit from. Generic copywriting workshops just won’t cut it. Refresher courses on design or social media platforms are just updates. You’re looking for…well, to get the dream team back, you need a change of mindset.

What should a good communications team be able to do?

Your team is good at what you do. Nobody needs telling what to do. From understanding the communications journey to putting tone of voice into practice and understanding business objectives, you’re doing the job. Just not as well as you know you could.

In short, your team is under-performing.

If you’re not sure how effective you are, take the Ideal Wordcraft test.

Ideal Wordcraft test

Get into the detail with a supercoach

There are plenty of generic writing workshops out there, if that’s all you think you need. In our experience, if you want a change of mindset, you’re likely to need something more tailored. From trained coaches who really know their stuff on communications.

For example:

  • getting your team to use your tone of voice (TOV) correctly
  • engaging colleagues and customers in a new campaign
  • making sure you deliver against a new strategy or objectives
  • reducing outsourcing costs and becoming self-sufficient.

Up a level, on the job

Or, if your team is confident and capable and already practising wordcraft, we can help you step up a level and become brilliant.

Because we’re specialist coaches for communicators, Ideal Wordcraft works with people on the job. On live and relevant work and projects. So you can professionally develop your colleagues, whatever their level, while they keep doing what you need them to do.

Thinking about boosting your team?
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