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The team that's stopped dreaming

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The team that's stopped dreaming

You run a communications team of ten. Suffering through sharp KPIs, shifting alignments and shafted budgets, your colleagues are just doing their jobs, drifting off brand and into mediocrity.

Your team has stopped dreaming. You’re our ideal client.

Did anybody join a Communications team in a large company because they saw it as a chance to change the world for good? Well, yes, we did. But most people don’t.

Look at your team. Are you wondering how many of your office colleagues drifted into communications roles because they’re all that’s left if you’re not commercially minded, financially or legally trained?

You’re thinking, ‘We’re supposed to be the voice of this part of the business. The magic’s missing. What happened?’

Now you’re thinking about communication

Yes, looking for reasons why your team lacks the drive it used to have, you can point to several candidates: having to spend half your time evaluating performance; a constantly changing top management team and new priorities; the economy, dammit. But you know full well that each and every department in your business has the same realities.

Believe it or not, you’re in a good place. You’ve identified the need to change and move on.

OK, it’s frustrating. The business isn’t really geared to the kind of development that your communications colleagues could really benefit from. Generic copywriting workshops just won’t cut it. Refresher courses on design or social media platforms are just updates. You’re looking for…well, you need a change of mindset.

Now, you’re recognising the need to improve

It’s time to get the dream team back. And the only way is to re-engage the team and the individuals in it. To re-ignite their passion for being the communicators the business needs them to be. And, yes, in one or two cases, to become these communicators for the first time.

Welcome to Ideal Wordcraft. We may not have met, but we know you. We understand how special an effective communications mindset truly is. Largely because, many years ago, we joined a Communications team in a large company, seeing it as a chance to change the world for good. It was and we did. And now, with our communications experience and L&D know-how, we want to help you and your team get where you want to be.

Author: Mark Griffiths
Mark Griffiths

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