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We’d have loved Ideal Wordcraft

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We’d have loved Ideal Wordcraft

When I set out writing for business in my early 30s, there were no in-house training programmes on how to become a better communicator. We hadn’t heard of coaching or mentoring. There was no Continuing Professional Development – for it had never started in the first place. You were qualified, so you could do the job. Back then, we could have done with Ideal Wordcraft.

Debbie and I have launched Ideal Wordcraft to serve the developmental needs of people who work at the coalface in communications teams today.

This isn’t executive coaching – there’s already plenty of that out there.

Instead, it’s the relevant mixture of training, coaching and personal development for people who actually do the work in communications teams. Those tasked with achieving the aims of the team – the individuals whose messages seek to engage, inform and persuade a range of audiences.

Affordable personal development

The truly big difference is that Ideal Wordcraft offers affordable development from supercoaches to people who rarely get any form of training at all.

It galls me to discover that development budgets are spent on expensive courses for leaders, when those that really need help are way down the pecking order.

Even where help is available for more junior staff, it’s now become video learning in your own time. What’s seemingly a victory for technology doesn’t suit everybody. I know that I personally do not learn from videos. I learn from people. But technology helps you reach a lot of people and tick a lot of boxes.

What if your very small communications team (by that, I mean under 10 people) has lost its way? When key people have misplaced their mojo, a few videos on the company’s ESN are hardly going to help. I’ve never yet seen a two-minute video that can change mindset.

The communication transition

I’m happy for a machine to teach you grammar. But the day that words are no longer needed in the workplace, I’ll be happy to hand over to the robots.

Meanwhile, as we transition towards that kind of future, Ideal Wordcraft is here to work with people through real conversations, face to face and over the phone. Because you’re not going to learn from a creative writing course and your cobot is still a twinkle in the eye of a Microsoft coder.

Ideal Wordcraft is here to answer the call: where is a wordsmith when I need one? But we’ll be telling you that you’ve already got what you need – you just need pushing in the right direction. For that’s what a business writing supercoach does. I’d have loved one of those.

Author: Mark Griffiths
Mark Griffiths

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