Working with a supercoach

If you want to perform to your personal best in your communications role, get some advice and support from someone with first-hand experience of working at the top of their game.

You work in a comms team. You’re not a tennis player or a fantasy football addict. So, why would you need a supercoach? There’s no trophy for you to win, no satisfaction at seeing your name in lights at the top of a list. What’s the benefit? And, anyway, what exactly is a supercoach?

You and your future

Many people find themselves in a communications role without ever intending to. Whether that’s you or not, you still want to do your job well. You might even be interested in achieving your personal best in the role.

If you’ve lost your mojo, a training course won’t get it back. If your team has stopped dreaming, an away day is unlikely to inspire your vision.

Yet, you’re good at what you do. Or, you wouldn’t be in the role. Now, you could be better. What can you do?

Write yourself fitter

You have options. Attend the company’s training course on assertiveness. Get a personal coach who doesn’t know anything about communications, but who can help you find your goals. Or, you could get fit for purpose by working with a business writing supercoach.

You’d be working with a person who has proved that words can change the world for good. And excelled in the communications teams of superbrands, household names, writing for top entrepreneurs. Under pressure. On brand. Every time.

At last, you’d have someone prepared to work with the belief that you and your team can become business writers at the top of your game.

What you get

A business writing supercoach relationship typically includes:

Consultancy: diagnosing your missing magic

Co-creation: hands-on support, setting the standard for best-in-class

Individual improvement: working in-depth, 1-2-1

Team performance: working ‘live’ with groups of 3 or more.

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What you get