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Why we’ve launched Ideal Wordcraft

Posted by: Debbie Griffiths on
Why we’ve launched Ideal Wordcraft

Like proud parents, Mark and I are very excited about introducing you to the latest addition to the Ideal Word Limited family…

Ideal Wordcraft is our new baby – our craft consultancy specialising in business writing coaching and training.

It shares the same values and ethics as its sibling, Ideal Worldsmiths.

So, why go to the extra effort of developing a new brand? In short, to practise what we preach.

Tailor to your reader

Whenever we take on a writing job or train communicators in using a wordsmithing brief, we always ask you to define your primary (number one) audience and answer the following:

  • What does your reader already know about your organisation or topic?
  • What do they think about it? Feel about it?
  • Is this the same as you want them to think or feel about it?
  • What do you want them to do after reading your communication?

Sounds simple, but nine times out of 10, people will struggle to narrow it down and end up trying to please everyone by putting everything, including the kitchen sink, into one piece of communication.

Why? Usually because there’s no budget or time, let alone appetite, to tailor the communication to the different needs of diverse audiences.

Three key messages

We also ask clients to define their three key messages. One key message plus two supporting messages. What’s essential, what’s a nice-to.

Again, it sounds so simple. In practice, it’s not. Distilling a message and adapting it to a specific audience is a craft. That’s why it’s in our new name.

When we launched Ideal Worldsmiths in 2014, our key messages went something like this:

  • We’re a values-led consultancy
  • We work with responsible and sustainable organisations
  • We consult on and write about brand language and sustainability
  • We offer word-associated services through our network of like-minded Word Associates
  • We train you to sustainably write your own communications.

How many messages did you count? More than three, that’s for sure.

Why did we do it? Like most people, because we only had the resources to launch one website and hoped different people would find what they needed in our online haystack.

By listening to people over the years, it’s clear that anyone who’s known me and Mark for ages gets Ideal Worldsmiths. Anyone new gets confused.

Choice editing

So, to make it clear, we’ve developed Ideal Wordcraft as a distinct brand with the following front of mind:

Primary audience:

individuals and teams working in communications departments

Key message:

we coach and train you to write more confidently and effectively for business

Supporting messages:

we’ve been writing for organisations like yours for decades

we’re trained to pass on our wordsmithing skills and upskill you.

Call to action

So, now you know why we’ve created Ideal Wordcraft, what would we like you to do?


Author: Debbie Griffiths
Debbie Griffiths

I blog here about words, language and grammar. As well as coaching, training and mentoring.

I blog about CSR and sustainability on our sister site: Ideal Worldsmiths.